I’m Ruth Dawkins, a freelance communications professional based in Hobart, Tasmania.

I offer copywriting, editing and proofreading for small businesses, universities and not-for-profit organisations. I’m also an experienced feature writer in the areas of lifestyle, parenting and travel.

Please take some time to explore my site and get in touch if you think I can help.

I have had the great pleasure to be on the receiving end of Ruth’s skilled communications and, in my role as literary journalist have been delighted at her responsiveness as well as her proactive approach to sharing information. She changed the face of the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre, introducing regular updates, knowledge sharing and interviews with writers. Her introduction of competitions and Books of the Month displayed an active engagement with the sector. Her clear and timely media releases, alongside personalised drip feeds of news suggested to me a true engagement and awareness of the sector.

Rachel Edwards, Journalist and Editor-in-Chief

Transportation Press

Ruth provided excellent writing support to a large number of stakeholders in the development of a series of case studies describing the impact of the University’s research. Ruth handled this complex exercise superbly. She had a thorough understanding of the highly detailed requirements of the project and was able to distil, communicate and apply this information effectively. She exceeded all expectations in terms of the quality of her work, and worked tirelessly and consultatively with our stakeholders to meet a series of tight deadlines. She provided regular updates to management, was proactive in seeking solutions to problems as they arose, and brought a great sense of positivity to the task. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and succeeded in developing positive relationships with all stakeholders including academics from a range of disciplines, (health and medicine, physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.). Ruth was especially skilled in translating complex science into engaging content suitable for a general audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth to any University, Institute, Research Group or Researcher looking to appoint a writing professional.

Dr Venetia Joscelyne, Senior Project Manager (ERA and EI)

University of Tasmania