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Time Out: Tasmanian travel writing


The two pieces that I wrote for Time Out a couple of months ago are now online.

One is about the top things to do in Tasmania, the other is about the top things to do in Launceston.

If you’re interested you can check out both pieces here:

Because these are both for an overseas audience, there are no big surprises. Instead I saw them as an opportunity to showcase the very best of our state – the food, views, attractions and cultural highlights that I wouldn’t want to miss if I were here just for a week or two.

I really enjoy travel writing. The commissions tend to come with very strict guidelines around word count, style and the balance of items to be included. I know that a lot of writers see that as quite stifling, but I see it as a way to really focus and cram a lot into a small space.

I’m hoping to do more work of this kind over the next few years. Tassie may be a small state, but there is no shortage of things to celebrate!

Photo by Nigel elliott on Unsplash

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