Stories from the Huon

A screenshot of the Huon Valley website

Huon Valley Council have launched a fantastic new website recently that is packed with information about the area. The Huon is one of our favourite spots in Tasmania, it’s absolutely beautiful, but between the terrible bush fires last year and the huge drop in tourism because of COVID19 restrictions this year, the area has been doing it pretty tough.

The new site pulls together loads of information about visiting, investing and living in the Huon – there are lots of suggestions for places to visit and local businesses to support – so do head over and check it out.

I’m excited to be involved in a very small way by writing some posts for the Stories from the Valley blog. My first one, which is about the best family picnic spots in the Huon Valley, has just been published.

Fingers crossed Tasmania’s winter weather will let us make the most of these over the coming months!

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