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Guardian Feature: Tasmanian road trips

Road trip through Tasmania

After many months of Tasmania’s borders remaining closed to the other Australian states and territories, we are now starting to open up. Last Friday was the latest step in this gradual relaxing of restrictions, when we started to welcome back travellers from New South Wales. I’m afraid our friends in Victoria will have to wait just a few weeks more, although we can’t wait to see them soon too!

To coincide with Tasmania’s borders opening, I was commissioned to write a piece for Guardian Australia on the best Tassie road trips. It’s always a delight to write about my favourite places to visit, and although a lot of people had their minds elsewhere on Friday (there was the small matter of the US election results!) I’ve been thrilled by the feedback on this piece.

Some folk say it was nice to get a little respite from the news cycle and dream about travel again… others have said it’s a helpful and practical guide for their own planning. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Four of the best Tasmanian road trips – from someone who’s done them all


Photo by Laura Barry on Unsplash

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