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Notes from two small islands

Back in September I was invited to take part in a Hobart Pecha Kucha event.

Pecha Kucha originated in Japan but now takes places in cities all over the world. It’s an event format in which invited speakers prepare 20 slides – images only, no text – and have 20 seconds to speak about each one.

Those tight timings made it such a challenge to prepare! As I was choosing my images and working out what to say, I realised that running over by 1 second each slide would leave me with no time at all to talk about the final slide. Running under by 1 second on each slide would leave me standing there with nothing to say for 20 seconds at the end!

Thankfully my timings worked out okay and I had an absolutely brilliant night. It was so much fun, and I left feeling really inspired by all the other speakers.

If you’d like to listen to my talk, which was called ‘Notes from two small islands’ and explored the differences and similarities between Harris and Tasmania, head over to the Pecha Kucha website where the slides and audio are available tov view.

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