Lonely Planet: Experience Tasmania

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Melbourne recently: catching up with friends, eating and drinking my way around the city, and enjoying a few quiet nights in a hotel. What a treat!

I was only away for three days, but I ran out of books and had to make my way to Dymocks on Chapel Street to pick up something new… and guess what I found?

A copy of Lonely Planet Experience Tasmania! Written in part by yours truly!

I’m so excited to see that the book is finally out.

I finished working on my three chapters back in March, and it’s almost surreal to see the words that started off as documents on my computer now included in a real, physical book in a real, physical bookshop.

I’m disappointed that there wasn’t space in the book to include the thanks and acknowledgements that the three writers submitted. I know that for my chapters I received so much support and guidance from fellow Tasmanians about what to recommend, and it would have been lovely to see their names in there alongside mine. But that aside, it’s a huge buzz to see my name in print like this, and I really, really hope I’ve done justice to our wonderful state!

If you’re planning a trip to Tassie, or if you’re local and you just fancy a sticky beak at the book, you can buy it directly from the Lonely Planet website, or at your local independent bookshop.

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