CSIRO ECOS blog: sustainable agriculture

Photograph of a wheat field with a combine harvester in the background.

The latest edition of CSIRO’s ECOS was published this week, and I’m really happy to have a couple of pieces included in it, both of which were commissioned by the Agriculture and Food division.

This edition of ECOS is all about building a resilient future.

The first piece I wrote is about carbon farming, and the potential for soil carbon to play a role in climate change mitigation and emissions reduction in Australia. You can read that one – Soils ain’t soils – here.

The second piece I wrote is about a new digital tool that helps farmers monitor their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as their broader environmental impact. You can read that piece about FarmPrint here.

I really enjoy this kind of writing, where I feel like I’m learning so much as I go! It’s a real privilege being able to speak with scientists who are doing such important work, and helping spread the word about their research.


Photo by meriç tuna on Unsplash

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