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May 2023: Some recent work

Just a very quick post from me today to share some recent pieces I’ve had published.

These three links say more than I ever could about the diversity of work that comes my way as a freelancer!

Firstly, I was so pleased to have an essay published in Guardian Australia, reflecting on the ten years that have passed since we first visited Tasmania, and everything that has happened in that time. I’ve had a lovely response to the piece, which I was initially just going to pop on my own DorkyMum blog, so I’m very grateful to the Guardian team for giving it a home and helping it find a bigger audience.

You can read that here: I was told to live like a tourist after my 18,000km move. But I owe Tasmania more than that.

Secondly, I’ve been continuing to write some profiles and interviews for Brand Tasmania. I love helping to share the stories of so many interesting and exceptional Tasmanians! The most recent was a profile of James Johns, former car dealership owner who now runs Great Lake Hotel at Miena.

You can read that here: Tasmanian Stories: James Johns.

Finally, a piece I wrote at the end of last year for CSIRO has now gone up on their website. This one is about the cost of nuclear power and why it makes no sense at all for that to be part of Australia’s energy mix.

You can read that here: The question of nuclear in Australia’s energy sector.

So there you have it! A personal essay, an interview, and a science communication piece – it’s all in day (or a month’s!) work for this Tasmanian freelance copywriter.



Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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