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May 2023: Some recent work

Just a very quick post from me today to share some recent pieces I’ve had published.

These three links say more than I ever could about the diversity of work that comes my way as a freelancer!

Firstly, I was so pleased to have an essay published in Guardian Australia, reflecting on the ten years that have passed since we first visited Tasmania, and everything that has happened in that time. I’ve had a lovely response to the piece, which I was initially just going to pop on my own DorkyMum blog, so I’m very grateful to the Guardian team for giving it a home and helping it find a bigger audience.

You can read that here: I was told to live like a tourist after my 18,000km move. But I owe Tasmania more than that. Continue reading “May 2023: Some recent work”


Inspiring Tasmanian Stories

Brand Tasmania have been showcasing the inspiring stories of women across the state, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few of those pieces.

For an incredible overview of the industries and communities across Tassie that women are involved with, check out the video that was commissioned for International Women’s Day... and then maybe take some time to dig deeper into the individual profiles.

Two of the profiles that I wrote are up on the Tasmanian website now. First is Andi Lucas, founder and managing director of X-Hemp, and second is Rebecca Kissling, owner and curator of An Artistic Affair in Oatlands.

I’ll look forward to sharing a few more Tasmanian stories with you soon!


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From graphite to hemp: my latest writing subjects

I’ve been lucky enough to work on a real diversity of writing projects recently, and I thought I’d share a few of them here.


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